Travel to Vietnam!


250000 simcard

8000 bus to first cf

75250 Hanoi day tour

13000 bread

25500 grab to bus station in hanoi

250000 bus fee from hanoi to lao cai

185500 day trip to sapa

40000 taxi to lao cai bus station

35000 bread and cookie

400000 bus fee to halong

40000 taxi to party hostel

80000 taxi back n forth to habour

290000 entrance fee to halong bay

150000 boat

100000 bamboo in halong bay

40000 dinner in halong

75000 stay in party hostel

500000 bus fee to hue

100000 clothes cleaning

35500 bread and vinamilk

100000 taxi to daisy hostel

62500 hostel

50000 rent motor

30000 gas of motor

90000 bus to danang

10000 parking fee

100000 entrance fee tomb

15000 breakfast in hue

10000 dinner hue

20000 breakfast hue

15000 lunch in danang

2500 koropok

8000 bus ticket to downtown danang

79000 bus ticket to hoi an

5000 potato snack

6000 muine

20500 kueh tiaw

16500 Grab bike

15000 lunch at danang

50000 bus to downtown danang

10000 hu tien

20000 ban mi

485000 for hoi an

30000 lunch hoi an

120000 t shirt

22500 taxi to dalat host

120000 bus to mui ne

30000 dinner in mui ne

115000 hostel in muine

120000 bus to saigon

30000 breakfast in mui ne

60000 rent bike

10000 koropok

15000 water

5000 bus to city saigon

28000 dinner in city saigon

60000 postcard

763000 saigon

Flight ticket RM322.20

Total is Rm 1117.64 included flight ticket and souvenir.


Starbucks TWO for only RM25!!

Starbucks special promotion for month of June! Get two tall frappucinno for only RM25!

Starbucks special promotion for month of June! Get two tall frappucinno for only RM25!

Are you ready for a Friday weekend celebration? Time to start your planning because Fridays are Frappuccino Fridays! Enjoy TWO TALL Frappuccino at only RM25 when you visit our stores from 5pm to 8pm. #MeetMeAtStarbucks anyone? 😉
Terms and Conditions:

1. Valid every Friday of June, 5pm – 9pm.

2. Not valid with any other promotion or discount.

3. Applicable in all Starbucks stores in Malaysia. (except Genting stores and Sunway Lagoon kiosk)

4. Not entitled for Starbucks Card Reward.

5. RM 2 will be charged for each upsize.

6. Modifier is charged at regular price.

New zealand travel ltinenary. Two months for only RM5680


Air asia

Miri>KLIA2 (return) : RM214.96
KLIA2>AUK (return) : RM1130.08


AUK>DUN : RM 288.35

Naked bus

10 trips + free ferry : RM 879.87





Milford sound Tour RM270.57

Kayak in Lake Wakatipu RM18.85

Hotspring in Lake Tekapo RM39.15

Antarctica Tour in Christchurch RM91.145

Tongariro Crossing RM194.70

Taupo Swing RM254.215

Rope&Roll Taopo RM63.41

Rainbow Spring RM88.23

Naked RM87.80

Hamilton expo RM24.34
Total= 1132.41




Blacksheep backpacker RM182.04

Deposit RM33.075

Nomad RM163.55

Deposit RM17.54

Finns Backpacker RM337.48




Handphone card





1 NZD = RM3.245 (2017)

    Interview questions by USM

    What is the interview questions asked by USM? How to answer the question? Let me tell you about this.

    I felt so nervous when i know i am gonna be attend an interview which is conducted by University Sains Malaysia(USM). I never been to an interview before and there are very few information about usm interview in the internet. So here i am, going to talk about the question they asked during the interview of health science of usm.
    1) Tell me about yourself.

    This is the typical questions that will be ask. I am with another girl which is interviewed for degree of dietetic while i am interviewed for degree of nursing. Both of us enter the interveiwer’s room together. First, we asked to talk about our background, education level, family and MUET result. It is a easy question and i am sure all of us can do this.

    2) Why do you choose USM?

    Be prepared for this. Do some research about the uni before going for the interview. There is no right or wrong about the answer. All you have to do is to be confident and always put on a smiley face.

    3) Is USM is your first choice?

    If do, what is your second, third, and fouth choice? If not, why?

    4) Why do you want to be a nurse?

    Do not say it is because of family. All they want to hear is how much are you passionate about being a nurse.

    5) Do you undersatand what is the tasks that will be carried out while you are doing your job?

    As what i mentioned before, be prepared. If you applied for dietatic, make us you understand the difference between nutritionist and dietetic. Make sure you truly understand what course are you going to be interviewed.

    6) What is the disease or health problem that are facing by the community nowadays?

    A lot of you can say such as obesity, heart attack….. and how do you slove these problem.

    7) What is the name of the Yang di-pertua/ cheif minister of Sarawak?

    This is the question that they try to tell you how important to read newspaper rather than gaming all day long.

    7) Do you know about TN50?

    This is the lesson i learned. Pay attention during the Pa lesson….

    8) Do you know our health campus is in Kubang Kerian? Have you been there before?

    Just give your honest answer and though.

    **Bonus question for dietetic student. A situation is given.

    ” My father is 70 years old and he is suffer from obesity. What kind of meal or excisice that you will be suggesting him to do? ”
    These are all the question i received during the interview. Hope these will help you guys and good luck in your interview 🙂 cheers